NALS Membership

As a company licensed by the NALS, Tennens Properties Ltd is obliged to meet certain strict standards, providing clients with reassurance and protection. The NALS licensed firm stamp at the bottom of our web page is an assurance that we have Professional Indemnity Insurance to allow payment to put right mistakes which may occur, have a designated client account, are part of a Client Money Protection Scheme, offer services which measure up to the standards set by the NALS, and a Customer Complaints Procedure which allows for referral to an independent body if a client is unhappy with the in-house review.

Our NALS membership is a sign to landlords that they can trust Tennens Properties Ltd to act in their interests in a professional and responsible way, and to provide the good-quality levels of service required by the NALS which cover everything from advice on the options of a landlord, to information on the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords, to tenants, to the property itself.

Tenants will benefit too, knowing that, as part of the scheme, Tennens Properties Ltd will provide safeguards for their tenancy, and make sure that the property is maintained and that both they and their landlord have been informed and advised to a high standard.

With tenants and landlords both benefiting and Tennens Properties Ltd proud to offer a guarantee of our excellent and consistent services, our membership with the NALS is a reason for smiles all round. Get in touch with us today to find out what services we can offer you.

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