Investors Evening

The third Investors’ evening took place in June at Tennens Properties’ Moreton Hall location. The evening was a great success with all of our speakers receiving good reception.

The first speaker was Madison Maynard, current office administrator for the company. Her husband is in the US military so she was able to give first-hand knowledge of the American renting experience. Also, since she works for Tennens Properties, she gave detailed information of renting out to Americans.

Lincoln Brown from Larkbridge Mortgages was next to speak. He gave a nice overview over Buy to Let mortgages and what they entail. He gave great insider knowledge of new regulations that may be coming.

The third speaker was Kevin Mann. He came to one of the previous investors’ evenings as a person looking to buy a property to let. It came out that he did, indeed, buy a property with Barry’s guidance in September of 2014. Since then, he has had tenants and a very good yield so it turned out to be a very sound decision.

Next speaker of the night was David Harris, a local developer. David was able to discuss renting out properties from his point of view which gave a new perspective. He also brought a portfolio of properties he had available that would make good rental properties with some good yields.

The final speaker was Barry Tennens. Barry gave an overview of the services that Tennens Properties offer. An excellent service that is very valued is the Property Sourcing. This is where Barry finds properties that he thinks would make great rental properties with strong yields and helps prospective landlords through the process. He will even go on viewings of the properties with you so he can offer deeper insight.

The Investors’ Evening turned out to be very informative and had people from many varied backgrounds give speeches. Because of the astounding success, there will be another evening later this year. The next investors’ evening will be held in November at Hengrave Hall. The date will be announced later in the year and hope to have another night as good as the last.

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