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Moving is hard. Moving halfway across the world is harder. We understand finding a house in a foreign country can be a scary process so our aim is to make it a little less scary. The staff at Tennens Properties will not push you to a certain house, we will let you make your own decision. We will take you around to all properties that meet your requirements to give you a range of options and save you time.

Tennens Properties are specialists in renting to members of the USAF. We sort out all your paperwork and liaise with the Housing Office so make sure everything is done correctly. We use the base’s contract to make sure everything is included that you need.


Renting to USAF personnel has many advantages for a landlord. Americans are posted to the UK for set time periods form two to four years and tend to stay in the same property for the entirety of their posting. Their rent is guaranteed by the United States government so will be paid each month without worries. If we do happen to have nay troubles with the tenants, the base’s Housing Office is there to step in to help. They are able to settle any issues quickly and decisively.

There is a different standard for home for USAF tenants. This is true in regards to the liveable standards set by the Housing Office as well as standards are set by the tenants themselves. Coming from another country is difficult so some sort of familiarity in houses is key for Americans. Something too out of their comfort zone wont feel like home. We know these standards and what Americans look for so will be able to know if your property is right for them.

To be able to rent to tenants from the United States Air Force your property must meet certain requirements set by United States government. This includes a safety inspection and a specialized contract, both of which we deal with on a daily basis. You must also keep your property in a good, maintained condition or else the Housing Office will be called in on the tenant’s behalf. Please note that the first months rental payment may be delayed as the tenants often get an advance from the USAF that can take time to come in.

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