Why sell your home with Tennens Properties Ltd?

At Tennens Properties Ltd we understand how important it is not just to advise but also to stop and listen to you. Not only do you have your own distinctive needs and aims but nobody knows the selling points of your home better than you do. You have the inside information on what makes the property tick, what makes it really unique and what is ultimately going to sell your home.

Our team of friendly professionals will be with you every step of the way; we know how much worry and stress selling a property can create but we also know that finding the right agent to help you sell can make a big difference to that! At Tennens Properties our team’s expertise will be put together with an understanding of your knowledge and needs to help meet your requirements and leave you with the highest realistic price.


We provide an appraisal of your home or property to assist you with knowledge of its value. Our valuations are friendly and professional.


An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is required when houses are sold or rented and contains an energy efficiency rating as well as other relevant information. Tennens Properties is able to help you obtain your EPC.

Floor Plans

Floor plans are vital when selling a property at Tennens Properties we provide a free professional floor plan.


It’s important to have a presence on property websites. We make full use of major property portals, Rightmove and On The Market, to ensure your property is listed online.

Other advertising and on the market services provided include the use of social media, email campaigns and alerts, photography, 2D floor plans, brochures and text alerts alongside newspaper advertising and office window displays.

Advising on Presentation

That first look makes a difference! If required, Tennens Properties can advise you on ways to present and show off your property so that you aren’t left in the dark about the best ways to do this. From neutral wall colours to mirrors which make rooms look lighter and bigger, we can give advice on how to make your property look its finest.


At Tennens Properties we do our best to efficiently and conveniently plan viewings. A member of our team will accompany viewers in order to make sure that the best parts of your property are pointed out. It is also possible for us to keep spare keys, allowing us to escort viewers on behalf of the seller.


Good communication is vital to make sure that you aren’t kept waiting and left feeling confused so we keep sellers up to date with all that’s going on at each point.

Negotiating Offers

When it comes to negotiating offers, we are well aware that it can be a part of the process which leads to tension and worry. Our capable, talented and experienced team negotiates the offers for you, taking some of the pressure off and making sure you get the best price possible.

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